Postcards from Dublin

Where we will be heading next on our adventure?

The red ales of Ireland which can be sampled in the taverns of the Temple Bar area of Dublin are quite different than our English ales and hopefully we shall be recreating the taste and experiencing some of the craic down the pub here in Dorset.

The hops have just been ordered including Galena, which impart some grape and peach flavours.

Sunbather Launched

9th March ’14

Dear Beer Lovers,

Sunbather is finally here and brings a welcome change in the weather with it. 

This second stage of our journey introduces the red ales, with Sunbather being a fruity, full-bodied and sweet ale of just 4% abv. Its pronounced flavours include toffees and oranges.

Overall it’s not quite what you’d expect from a beer as a novice; but that’s what makes ales great, the diversity of styles and flavours.