Cliff Riser

June 2014

Dear Beer Lover,

After Cliff Riser’s initial limited release finally our Spring Seasonal is available for all to enjoy. This pale ale is typical of the traditional Burton ales with the familiar Goldings hops added at the end of the boil. This beer was popular at The Big Bournemouth Beer Festival and Southbourne Shake ‘n’ Stir.



Sunbather Launched

9th March ’14

Dear Beer Lovers,

Sunbather is finally here and brings a welcome change in the weather with it. 

This second stage of our journey introduces the red ales, with Sunbather being a fruity, full-bodied and sweet ale of just 4% abv. Its pronounced flavours include toffees and oranges.

Overall it’s not quite what you’d expect from a beer as a novice; but that’s what makes ales great, the diversity of styles and flavours. 



Paddler Launch

17th Jan 2014

Dear Beer Lovers and Beer Novices, 

Today is the first day of our adventure in flavour. Over the next 9 months we shall be travelling on a journey through the delights of real ale. 

Our first port of call is Paddler a 3.6% light ale. It’s an ideal starting point, with its soft flavours and refreshing pallet, to train the pallet in the joy of all that is beer related. 



First Brew

5th December 2013

Dear Beer Lover, 

It’s getting closer, Southbourne Ales could soon be quenching your thirst. 

The first brew shall be Paddler, a light ale at 3.6% abv. Brewing is booked for New Years Eve and you can follow it’s progress during the day on Facebook. Brewing starts at 6am Lyme time. 

If the brewer is still awake to see in the New Year it will defiantly be magic!



An introduction to Southbourne Ales

What’s Brewing

A Southbourne resident and brewer has decided that is it time Bournemouth had its own ale. Jennifer Tingay, formerly of Ringwood Brewery and now brewer at Town Mill Brewery in Lyme Regis, has recently formed her new company Southbourne Brewing Limited. Jennifer, 37, shall be brewing trial brews at spare capacity down in Lyme, holding meet the brewer evenings at venues across Bournemouth and looking for crowd funding through selling beer vouchers in 2016. Jennifer says,

Southbourne is an excellent location for a new brewery, which in the long term I hope will provide a wide range of employment opportunities for the areas school leavers, promote the local economy and add a new tourist destination in the town.