Our Flock

Paddler 3.6% Light Ale.

Designed especially to have a low level of bitterness and alcohol whilst still having full flavours making it very more-ish and perfect to drink as a session beer. This is an ideal starter for those new to ales and is more paletable to customers who do not enjoy the hoppiness of some beers.

Sunbather Red Ale bottles in sun hat on beach.Sunbather 4.0% Red Ale.

This beer has a low level of bitterness, with flavours of toffees and oranges, making it another ideal session beer. Brewed with American Hops, as are many Irish beers, this colourful ale is good on its own or great with English pub food.

Headlander 4.2% Bitter.

The significant exultation of skylarks breeding at Hengistbury Head is celebrated with our special Headlander Beer. Headlander is brewed using spring sown barley which provides the birds easier landing in the thinner crops and a longer breeding season. This is what an English beer should taste like, with Fuggles hops giving floral aromas and a full bitter flavour.

Beach Comber 5.7% Brown Ale

This style of ale became widely brewed in the 1920s and they were considerably stronger than most modern English versions. Our brown ale Beach Comber at 5.7% recreates this now rare specimen using brown malts, and is a real find with its full flavours and aromas.

Cliff Riser 4.5% Pale Ale.

Our Spring seasonal pale ale is typical of the traditional Burton ales with the familiar Goldings hops added at the end of the boil. This beer was popular at The Big Bournemouth Beer Festival and Southbourne’s Shake ‘n’ Stir.

Grockles 4.5% Blonde Ale.

Here we have a gulp of swallows, amongst the UK’s most well known tourists. Grockles blonde ale is here just for the summer, with its refreshing peach aromas. This clean and refreshing ale has been a real hit in 2014.

Late Swimmer 4.5% Old Ale.

A wonderfully bitter and toasted flavoursome beer based on the German altbiers from the Düsseldorf area, brewed using Spalt hops with Crystal and Chocolate malts. Our autumn special is less alcoholic than many of its namesakes and is refreshing and easy to drink.

Stroller 4.6% Oatmeal Stout.

Blackcurrants and Liquorice push through the smooth mouth feel and bitter finish. Brewed using 10% oats in the mash grist giving a wonderful fullness and with a small addition of liquorice root to the boil creating a complex but balanced flavour. International Brewing Awards-since 1886 Silver Medallist 2015.